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Book of Esther- Week 7- Day 5

October 17, 2014



Esther 7: 9-10

Then one of them, who was named Harbonah, said, ” Haman even went so far as to build a gallows at his house so that he could hang Mordecai, who saved Your Majesty’s life. And it’s seventy -five feet tall!!” ” Hang Haman on it!” the king commanded. So Haman was hanged on the gallows that he had built for Mordecai. Then the king’s anger cooled down.

Proverbs 26:27

People who set traps for others get caught themselves. People who start landslides get crushed.


Haman had the tables turned on him and his plan failed as it was him who was sent to the gallows instead of Mordcai which he had it built for. It only shows that being evil you won’t have a good ending and you have to suffer the consequences of your actions. The bad thoughts and actions that he had for others had boomerang back to him.



Do not think the worst of others or plot their downfall. It is not up to you to punish or inflict any harm on them. GOD will give them what they deserve and in his timing. You will never get away Scott free if you are nasty towards others. Don’t expect to get any blessings.


Dear GOD,

Thank you for helping me censor off evil and unwanted thoughts and feelings from my mind. I know that it is no point getting myself upset over things that are beyond my control. By thinking about the worst of others or harming them is not to my benefit and would only feed more into feelings of bitterness and envy which are damaging for the soul.  Help me to stay focus and remain positive and look at the good aspects of things rather then the bad.




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