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Book of Esther- Week 8 – Day 1

October 20, 2014




Esther 8: 1-10

That same day King Xerxes gave Queen Esther all the property of Haman, The enemy of the Jews. Esther told the king that Mordecai was related to her, and from then on Mordecai was allowed to enter the king’s presence. The king took off his ring with his seal on it ( which he had taken back from Haman) and gave it to Mordecai. Esther put Mordecai in charge of Haman’s property. Then Esther spoke to the king again, throwing herself at his feet and crying. She begged him to do something to stop the evil plot that Haman, the descendant of Agag had made against the Jews. The king held out the gold scepter to her, so she stood up and said, ” If it pleased Your Majesty , and if you are care about me and if it seems right to you, please issue a proclamation to keep Haman’s order from being carried out- those orders that the son of Hammedatha the descendant of Agag gave for the destruction of all the Jews in the empire. How can I endure it if this disaster comes on my people, and my own relatives are killed ?”

King Xexes then said to Queen Esther and Mordecai the Jew, ” Look , I have hanged Haman for his plot against the Jews, and I have given Esther his property. But a proclamation issued in the king’s name and stamped with the royal seal cannot be revoked. You may, however, write to the Jews whatever you like; and you may write it in my name and stamp it with the royal seal.” This happened on the twenty- third day of the third month, the month of Sivan. Mordecai called the king’s secretaries and dictated letters to the Jews and to the governors, administrators , and officials of all the 127 provinces from India to Sudan. The letters were written to each province in its own language and system of writing and to the Jews in their language and system of writing. Mordecai had the letters written in the name of King Xerxes, and he stamped them with the royal seal. They were delivered by riders mounted on fast horses from the royal stables.

Proverbs 28: 20

Honest people will lead a full, happy life. But if you are in a hurry to get rich, you are going to be punished.


As we can see Haman received a just punishment for his evil doings. He was hanged and all his property confiscated from him and handed over to Esther . Mordercai also received his reward for all his sufferings as he was given Haman’s property and in the end they managed to save the Jews in the end.


Do not think about taking short cuts and get rich quick schemes. Most of the time they are all just SCAMS and you end up worst than your initial starting position. There is no easy quick fix to a full happy life. One doesn’t need the riches of the world to be content. You only need to find equilibrium and optimal level that you should be at.


Dear GOD,

teach me how to constantly strive towards achieving the goals that I have marked out for myself  and complete all the challenges I set myself on.



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