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Book of Esther- Week 8 – Day 2

October 21, 2014




Esther 8: 11-17

These letters explained that the king would allow the Jews in every city to organize for self-defense. If armed men of any nationality in any province attacked the Jewish men, their children, or their women, the Jews could fight back and destroy the attackers; they could slaughter them to the last man and take their possessions. This decree was to take effect throughout the Persian Empire on the day set for the slaughter of the Jews, the thirteen of Adar, the twelfth month. It was to be proclaimed as law and made known to everyone in every province, so that the Jews would be ready to take revenge on their enemies when that day came. At the king’s command the riders mounted royal horses and rode off at top speed. The decree was also made public in Susa, the capital city. Mordecai left the palace, wearing royal robes of blue and white, a cloak of fine purple linen, and a magnificent gold crown. Then the streets of Susa rang with cheers and was joyful shouts. For the Jews there was joy and relief, happiness and a sense of victory. In every city and province, wherever the king’s proclamation was read, the Jews held a joyful holiday with feasting and happiness. In fact, many other people became Jews, because they were afraid of them now.

Psalm 97: 10

The LORD loves those who hate evil, he protects the lives of his people. ; he rescues them from the power of the wicked.


The  Jews were saved in the end  as they were given the right to protect themselves against their enemies. Good has triumph over evil and there was indeed great rejoicing throughout the land.


Deliverance will come from the lord and he will certainly protect you from your enemies. You just need to trust in the lord and do your part.


Dear Lord,

thank your for constantly looking out for me and taking care of me and my family. We are really blessed with all the gifts and blessings that you have given to us for being in your favor. I am really glad to have you around to be my protector and guide.



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