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Gratitude Study- Week 1- Day 2

November 11, 2014



Daniel 2: 20-23

He said, ” May GOD be praised for ever and ever! He is wise and powerful. He changes times and seasons. He sets up kings. He removes them from power. The wisdom of those who are wise come from him. He gives knowledge to those who have understanding. He explains deep and hidden things. He knows what happens in the darkest places. And where he is, everything is light. God of my people, I thank and praise you. You have given me wisdom and power. You have made known to me what we asked you for. You have shown us the king’s dream. ”

Daniel 2: 20


GOD certainly should be praised for his wisdom  and his actions. He is better then  Solomon and Lao Tze and other great philosophers in time as he knows and writes the history of mankind.


GOD has a lot of things which he can teach us if we are willing to learn. He alone knows what is best for us and how to make us into better persons.  He gives meaning to our existence.


Dear LORD,

I’m am grateful to be given this opportunity to learn more about you and to seek your wisdom daily in my life.



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