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Advent Study- Week 2- Day 3

December 10, 2014



Joshua 6: 17, 22-23, 25

The city and everything that is in it must be set apart to the LORD in a special way to be destroyed. But the prostitute Rahab and all those who are with her in her house must be spared. That’s because she hid the spies we sent. Then Joshua spoke to the two men who had gone in to check out the land. He said, ” Go into the prostitute’s house. Bring her out. Also bring out everyone who is with her. That’s what you promised her you would do when you took an oath. ” So the young men who had checked out the land went into Rahab’s house. They brought her out along with her parents and brothers. They brought out everyone else who was there with her. They put them in a place that was outside the camp of Israel.

But Johua spared the prostitute Rahab. He spared her family. He also spared everyone else who was in the house with her. He did it because she hid the spies he had sent to Jericho. Rahab lives among the people of Israel to this very day.


God keeps his promises. In this case he spared Rahab and her family from the slaugther as he had promised. She believed in him and he gave her salvation.  She was a smart women and knew that it was in her benefit to be GOD’s Favor


Everyone can be saved by GOD irregardless of their past and status in society. You just have to be able to trust in him and also be faithful to his teachings.

It takes many different types of people to make the world work and for GOD to carry out his work.



Dear GOD,

thanks for all the countless chances that you give me and my family. It has allowed me to learn so much from you. I’ve also gained an understanding of how you work and the possibilities are endless when one puts their cards with you. I’m really blessed to have you as my guide.



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