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Bible Studies- Week 4- Day 4

July 9, 2015



Your word, Lord, is eternal;    it stands firm in the heavens.
90 Your faithfulness continues through all generations;    you established the earth, and it endures.

If your law had not been my delight,    I would have perished in my affliction.


GOD’s words last forever. It its timeless and the teachings are relevant for all ages. Being together with him on this path will keep us from evil. Because of his teachings we are able to see the light.


Stay faithful to the word. It is the “Weapon” that can help you deflect the blows/attacks from the evil one.  There are many tool within the WORDS together with wisdom which can help up overcome any situation.


Dear GOD,

help me derive wisdom from your WORD and use it to lead a better life.



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