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Weight Loss

Weight Lost Regime

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

12.09.2010-  83.5kg  ( before birth)

* R3 was born on the 12th Sept 2010 . She weighed 3.2kg at birth.

16.09.2010- 80kg

23.09.2010- 78kg

29.09.2010- 76kg

20.10.2010- 74kg


12.11.2010- 71.5kg

12.12.2010- 70.5kg


07.01.2011- 68.7kg

17.02.2011- 68.0kg


12.03.2011- 67.0kg

25.03.2011- 65.9kg


18.04.2011 64.9kg

31.05.2011 63.9kg

20.07.2011 63.4kg

21.12.2011 62.9kg

29.04.2012 61.5kg

31.12.2012- 66kg

I will restart my weight lost regime  with more discipline come 2013.


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